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Know Babylon in order to procedurally overcome their oppressive system of discrimination
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Freedom and justice are known to those who respect such principles. Within the context of progress over the past 500 years, we see a vast amount of progress and the charter for Human Rights being applied more universally for human beings globally. As such, the intentions of the US Republic and the Commonwealth of States Charter can be proven in the endeavor of education, opportunity, and endearment of democratic principle. Noted through obviation is the means to progress as promised to citizens of the US Republic and to Commonwealth Citizens and Commonwealth Residents whom apply for citizenship according to the legal process of naturalization.
Strontium Isotope 238 Plotters at D.o.D.
Rasta Radio | Featured Rasta Reggae Artists
After June 20, 2016 - when William Raum contacted Turkmenistan to identify whom was possessing, obtaining and transporting Nuclear Materials, it was identified that there are an array of deranged and insane workers at Department of Defense Offices in USA. Such insane DoD workers are monitored by Defense Intelligence Agency for Execution Warrant at Nebraska, Kansas or Alabama Jails. The saddest part of the investigation is having to lie about forced contact with Kruschev's Granddaughter at Bedford AFB Area - Bedfordshire New England Commonwealth of United Kingdom, whom plucked a good physique. Jason did what? No, I am not Bourne - just Ba'afi Raum.
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As the first African-European led administration of USA nears conclusion, we see that many aspects of African-European unison astute values have been proven. The capture of Osama Bin Laden, let alone the execution of Bin Laden, was proven during the time of Bush II and Obama. This process has taken about 10 years to conclude, as Bin Laden's location was revealed to UK Forces in 2005 by General Rommel (Norde Afrique Affronte). Upon 5 year repeated confirmation of war criminal location, Pakistani UK ISI Team verified verbally with Bin Laden his involvement with September 11, 2001 attacks on NYC and DC (primary) FLIRSAT UK Footage. Obviated is that Bin Laden consumed alcohol upon his deathbed as noted on MSNBC FLIRSAT Footage. Most importantly, as the values of Al Qaeda, ('The Base' often confused for Hanscom AFB where the Pakistanis approached Rommel at CVS Bedfordshire in 1998 during DIA - 'Bobo Asante' Cannabis Operative Unit Scaling), are proven against and as Abrahamic law abides in regions afflicted by Terrorism and Assymetrical warfare, we see the need for obligement to legality amongst peoples in the Near East and Middle East. The values espoused by the Female Protest Groups of North Africa, particularly Tunisia, denote that progress is upon time.
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